Limiting Choices

Yesterday, I visited the Oderteich for the first Time in quite a While. I did something else differently as well though: After just using one Prime Lens for the last few Months, I switched back to my Zooms.

That Prime Lens is really awesome, and I will definitely continue using it. Just not exclusively. After yesterday, I find that just to Limiting for my Photography. Sometimes, I just want to go Wider or, when I feel like it, also tighter.

Shot at 10mm.

That is the beauty of Zoom Lenses. While they usually offer narrower Apertures, especially in the lower Price Segment, they pack a lot of Focal Length. And in Landscape Photography, a greater Depth of Field is more desirable anyhow.

Usually, it just looks better when more Things are in Focus when trying to show an entire Area.

Off Course some nice Shallowness can also look great, but more when it comes to the more intricate Details in Nature.

Another 10mm Foto.

My 10-18mm Lens definitely is one of my absolute favourite Tools, but I also like it to use my old Kit Lens from Time to Time. I even applied my Tele Zoom for Landscape Photography until its Aperture got Stuck.

Tight Focal Lengths can look really great for that Application. But off Course Wide Lenses can fit more of the Scene. And depending on what you are going for, that might also be great.

Photography is not just about what is in Frame, but also about what is left out of it after all.

The Weir at the Oderteich at 18mm.

I had a great Time limiting myself just to one Lens. It also definitely helped my Creativity. But I just do not want to limit myself that Way anymore, at least for now.

Photography should be Fun. And that was not the Case for me anymore recently. But since I lifted that self imposed Ban, I found that old Creative Spark again. That is why I do Photography after all. To be Creative.

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