What Photography is to me

I have loved Photography in one Form or the other ever since I got my first 35mm Point and Shoot. Ever since then, I can not really let go. That is just impossible.

There are however Times when I completely lose all of my Inspiration, be it because of the Weather or just for a general lack of Motivation. But that is also okay, and I would guess everyone has that.

In the Netherlands | 2015

For me, Photography is my very own creative Outlet. I just absolutely love it to Capture my World as I see it. It is also awesome to be able to share what I do online, or even old school.

Printing Fotos is just as nice as taking them for me, but it also has its drawbacks. You can literally see every single Editing Flaw once a Foto is printed.

It is also the most personal Way to share though. I just really love it to send out Postcards to Friends & Family.

Hahnenklee | 2019

But Photography is so much more than just creative Outlet or shareable Medium for me. It also brings a whole lot of Fun and Relaxation. When I am out in the Woods, I can remove myself from the World and just be there.

Sometimes, that really is all I need.

But right now, it is usually just too hot outside to really enjoy Photography. That is kinda annoying.

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