I love Poppies

Yesterday was a long Day. I got to go on a Trip to Northern Germany, and it was awesome and actually very much productive. Along the Way, I also visit the Countryside in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

There, I saw something very awesome along the Way, and I just had to stop and take a few Fotos: Beautiful red Poppies were growing at the Edge of a Field. And those are definitely some of my favourite Flowers.

A Field of Grains.

That Field of Grains where those beautiful red Poppies were growing did. not even look that bad by itself. Plants really are something truly amazing.

But an empty Field is also kinda empty. I do not have a problem with that, but there was also no clear Subject in those Fotos. And while that is kinda typical for me, I also bothered me at that Field.

Maybe it was also the very uniform Nature of the Wheat, if it even is Wheat. Some Things just scream for a little added Colour.

Two little Poppies in the Field.

Poppies are really good at providing some much needed Colour in that Situation. Their Red Tone always sticks out of the Rest. Especially when they grow in, or even next to, pretty much monochromatic Fields.

Red is also one of my absolute favourite Colours, especially in Nature. In my Eyes, it always looks good. I would love it to have a reddish Car so that I could take Fotos of it in the Woods without having to rely on other People being okay with them being ‘Beiwerk’ in my Fotos.

Here in Germany we call Poppies ‘Mohnblumen’ or ‘Klatschmohn’ by the way. And I really love those Words. I do not like most of the Pastries we make from it though.

The same Poppies, closer up.

Ever since I took one very awesome Foto of a single Poppy in Düna a few Years ago, I was looking for a similar Situation. But I never got lucky. Usually the Weather was too bad, or the Poppies were already looking way too sad.

Yesterday I got lucky though. As you can see, the Poppies were still going strong. They were also some of the reddest Examples I had seen in a long Time. That was also awesome.

It reminded me about my Love for Poppies. And that is always a good Thing.

My old Poppy.

Poppies are my favourite Flowers, and I am super glad that I got the opportunity to shoot a few yesterday. Even though my Journey was long, it was fruitful in pretty much every Aspect.

But Fuel is really expensive here in Germany right now. That was not very nice.

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