How I make postcards.

Some of you might know that I make my own postcards. Previously, I had been relying on a local drug store, and sometimes a small print shop, to print the photographs I wanted to used and then just slapped a postcard sticker on the back. Nowadays, I do that differently.

Since the prints I got from the drugstore weren’t really where I wanted them to be quality wise, and the print shop was just too expensive for me, I decided to get my own photo printer for Christmas.

(One of the photos I printed out and turned into a postcard.)

I head a few models in sight, but I ultimately decided for a Canon CP1300 that I didn’t buy myself. It was gifted to me. The only problem I still had to solve was paper thickness. It was still to thin for my liking, and I feared that postcards wouldn’t make it and still look good when they would arrive at their destination.

(I send this one before I changed my method. I arrived bent and twisted.)

It took me a while to figure out a satisfactory method to enhance the sturdiness of my postcards, but I figured out that a thin sheet of cardboard that I got from the craft shop between the photo print and the postcard sticker works well enough.

My first 2nd generation postcard, which I sent to my friends in Sweden, arrived without even a tiny kink in it! I’ll probably do more improvements over time, but for now, I’m happy with the result.

Oh, and I still use my own photographs for the postcards that I make.

(This was on the postcard I sent to Sweden.)

A step to step guide on how I make my postcards.

  1. Take a photo and edit it to your liking.
  2. Print said photo.
  3. Glue a thin sheet of cardboard on it’s back.
  4. Stick a postcard sticker on it, or draw the address and stamp lines yourself.
  5. Address the postcards you made to some friends or your family, stick stamps on them, and post them off.
  6. Induce a smile on the recipients face;)

I hope you were successful following these steps. Have any tips or tricks up your sleeve? Tell me in the comments down below!

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