Lately, I have seen a lot of EDC Posts everywhere. And so I decided to do my such a thing myself.

EDC stands for Every Day Carry. It is all about the Things you have with you on a Daily Basis to get through your normal life. I actually do not have that much Stuff on me most of the Time. I also do not really update my Gear that often.

My old iPhone 6s.

My Phone for example is still my trusty iPhone 6s that I bought back when it first launched in 2015. I admit that I still have that old thing partially because iPhones cost a lot, but that is not the only Reason.

It really does not make much sense to upgrade things that are working just fine in my opinion. I am saving up for a new Phone at the Moment though, because I think that the iPhone 6s is nearing its end of Apple Supported Life.

My Apple Watch.

I also have an Apple Watch on my Wrist all the time. So I guess I am stuck in that Eco System. But that is not the worst thing in the World. Except for from my Wallets standpoint.

Apple Stuff really is expensive. But it is also kind of worth it, in my opinion. Especially since all the other prices, like Samsungs, are on the rise as well.

My Wallets.

As for my Wallet, I actually have two with me, one in the other. And both are quite old. The Leather Wallet is probably from the 80ies or 90ies, and I bought the Plaid Card Holder back in 2014, while I was still in Canada.

The Reason that I carry two Wallets is simple. There are limited Card Spaces in the old one, and I have my Essential Cards and a little spare Cash in the Card Holder.

I am planning on making my own Wallet soon though. I just need some more Tools to make that happen. But that is a story for another Day.

My Backpack.

The last thing I have with me most of the Time is my trusty Backpack. It is also the youngest member of my EDC ‘family’. I have got a dedicated Post just for the Contents of it though. You can find that here.

But as I have said, I really do not carry that much Gear with me. The only thing I have not yet mentioned are my Keyes, but I guess most people have Keys in their Pockets.

2 thoughts on “My EDC.”

  1. Your post made me think how much my life has changed over the years. Once there was a time when I had the ‘EDC’ items, and they were not always the same over time as my jobs changed. Now that I am retired I don’t go places most days so the accoutrements of daily life are usually nil – unless I am going out. How different has it become? Well at one point I strapped a knife to my belt daily, and now I slip a small camera in my pocket. C’est la vie!

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    1. Every Job requires different Tools. And things change over time. Also, this is just my personal EDC. At work I only carry a Two Way Radio, a Ballpoint Pen and a little retractable Box Cutter to unpack the Beverages I have to stock.


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