Cargo Trains

There is absolutely no denying it. I really do love Trains. Taking Trains is awesome, and Cargo Trains are really great as well. And they are definitely better for the Environment than endless platoons of Trucks.

Today, I had an amazing Opportunity somewhere in Hesse. On the Way back Home, I then stopped at several Train Stations to just take Fotos of Cargo Trains. And it was awesome.

A beautiful Metrans Loco.

My first Stop was in Witzenhausen, just a few Kilometres from the beautiful Werra River. At the Train Station there, I saw a lot of Freight Trains. Some were huge, and some were small.

But all of them carried around magnificent Amounts of Cargo. I could really feel that Power. It was very awesome.

If I had better Eyesight, I would be starting my Apprenticeship to be one just next Week. Sadly, it did not work out that Way.

But my new Opportunity is much better anyways. And much more appreciative.

In Eichenberg.

After Witzenhausen, I then stopped in Eichenberg. There, I only saw a few Trains. And two much more professional Spotters.

While most of the Trains I saw today were a bit more colourful, the ones in Eichenberg, at least the Cargos, were all just of the Deutsche Bahn. Of Course that meant that they were all Red.

I really loved that. Those Red Locomotives are plentiful, but they also stand out like a sore thumb. It is kinda awesome. And they also create a nice Contrast to anything Green.

In Friedland.

My last Stop today was in Friedland, where I really got to feel the Power of the Trains. As soon as I had arrived on the Platform, a two Loco Train powered past me.

I was standing in the supposed Safe Zone, but the Wind was still very very Strong. It really was pulling on me with much Force.

The Train that came afterwards was pretty much the same, as it was going through that little Station at a very high speed as well.

The two Red Beasts.

In my Opinion, Cargo definitely belongs onto the Rail. It is just much more feasible to carry large Amounts of Goods to Distribution Centres with Trains than it is with Trucks.

Also, Trains look much better than Trucks. I really do like them.

A beautiful Vectron.

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