A very hidden Teich

I had different Plans for today. My goal was it to just climb up the Hübichenstein near Bad Grund after getting the Car fixed. Apparently, that was not supposed happen. That Place was locked up tight.

So I decided to go to Clausthal and then figure out how to proceed from there. on the Way, I then spotted a Parking Lot though…

In the middle of the Woods.

That Parking lot is where my Journey into the Woods started today. I had looked up a Map of the Area, and I had located a Teich on there that yet had to be found by me.

Since I really had no Plan today anymore, I then decided to go ahead and Find it. I have to say, that was not an easy Task. The Path down to the Teich was so well hidden, I walked past it twice.

It lead across a Patch of Grass into the Woods, and it perfectly blended in. Until I finally discovered it, that is.

Seeing the Dam through the Trees.

After a while of following that Path downhill, I then finally caught a Glimpse of my Target Location through the Trees: I spotted the Keuzbacher Teich.

But since I had not actually reached it just then, I carried on along that quite steep Path. It was also very beautiful, so I did not mind, but a little Staircase would have been nice.

Such a Thing would probably also draw more Crowds though, and I actually liked the hidden Character of that Teich.

The Kreuzbacher Teich is extremely beautiful, but it is also very tiny. I also liked the fact that the Place was pretty much Garbage Free. That was really nice.

The Teich.

After spending some Time just sitting on a Bench right there at the Teich, I then headed even deeper into the Woods to find my Way back to the Car. I just do not like it to follow the same Trail twice when I can help it.

Today, I am even happier that there was another Option than usually. The Path along the Teich and the little Bach that feeds it was even more beautiful than that Waterhole itself.

I guess sometimes the old saying can be true. Sometimes, the Journey is the Reward. Or as we say here in Germany: Der Weg ist das Ziel.

A Part of my Journey back.

Somewhere along the Way, while changing the Battery in my Camera, I then came across a Dog Walker. She told me that she had just seen a Deer with her Kitz in the Woods, and so I decided to backtrack a little.

While that Deer probably was there, I am pretty sure of it, it was gone by the Time I looked around. Or maybe I just did not backtrack far enough.

It would have definitely been nice to see some Wildlife, even though I probably would not have gotten a Foto if it. I am just to loud and not fast enough for that. I guess that Mama Deer must have heard me coming from a Mile away.

Where the Deer might have been.

Since I was unable to scope much more than maybe a Shadow of that beautiful Animal, I decided to carry on back to the Car. And I found something else fascinating along the Way.

A Tree-Stump. With a new tiny Tree growing out of it. That looked so surreal, I just had to stop right there and do some Photography.

Sometimes, when I see something, that just happens. I can not, and I am also not willing to ever stop that.

The Tree-Stump.

From there, the Way back to the Car was actually very short. It was also the same Path that I came along when I first made my Way to the Teich.

I usually really do not like doing that, but sometimes, there is just no other Way. Sometimes, I have to backtrack because I saw something. Sometimes even because I heard something.

Sometimes, I have to backtrack to make my Way back to where I started. I will always prefer it to take another Way though.

The Teich through the Trees.

Today, I had a great Time out in the Woods, finding one very hidden Teich. It is always a lot of fun discovering something New in a Place you thought you knew. And today’s Find was especially beautiful.

The Kreuzbacher Teich is beautiful. Even though it is tiny, it has its very own Atmosphere. It kinda felt just like any other Teich that Way.

I will definitely return to the Hübichenstein another Day though. I still want to climb that Thing on a beautiful Day. The last Time I was there, it rained and it was foggy.

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