The Teich was so Full

Last Monday, I wanted to walk around the Oderteich. Back then, my Plans were thwarted by some Workers cutting down dead Trees. I had a Plan B, but I still wanted to walk around the Oderteich while there is a lot of Water in it.

A few Days ago, I then saw a really aw-inspiring Post on Instagram. It showed how close to the Boardwalk the Water of the Oderteich actually was, and so I decided that I just had to return and see that for myself.

It just had to be done, but Rain and Chores stopped me in my tracks most of the Time since I had seen that Post.

Today at the Teich.

Until today, that was. After checking several Weather Apps multiple Times, I decided that a little Wind, around 16 km/h, and a few Clouds would not be able to foil my Plans.

And so, after accomplishing my Tasks for the Day, I headed into the Harz to walk around that Teich.

The Weather Forecast was completely wrong. There were only light Clouds, and it was not Windy at all, except for the occasional Gust coming across the Water. It was almost too nice to be totally honest.

Roots & Mud.

Because of all that Rain that we had these past few Days, the first Bits of the Path were very muddy and thus also very slippery. The same was true for all the more rooty Areas to follow.

I am definitely happy about that Rain though. The Harz really needed the Water, it actually still does. And a full Oderteich looks way better in Fotos than an empty one.

The Oderteich definitely had not been this full in Years. I absolutely love it.

The Boardwalk.

After some Time of climbing over Roots and avoiding the biggest Mud Puddles, I then arrived at my favourite Place at the Oderteich: The Boardwalks across the Moor.

While I knew that the Water was really close to those Boardwalks, I still underestimated how close it would actually be. I think it was just one or two Meters away at most, and in some Places it was way less than that.

It was one of the most beautiful Sights I have seen here in the Harz in a while. The Oderteich is always beautiful, but today, it was breathtakingly so. I really did love it a lot.

At some Point, a few Smokers came along and I left. I just did not want to have my Mood vanquished by some People who disrespect Nature.

The Oder.

Of Course I also came across the Oder River while walking around the Oderteich today. For the first Time ever, I actually paid some Attention to that little Stream today.

Its Water was so red from all the Minerals and organic Compounds that the Oder carries with it out of the Moor near Oderbrück. That Colour actually looked kinda beautiful.

Do not worry, that Colour is absolutely natural.

At the Sonnenkappe.

From the Sonnenkappe at the End of the Oderteich, walking then got much easier as my Path continued on a more or less ‘paved’ Forestry Road’. That bit of the Oderteichrunde actually is my least favourite bit.

And it stays that Way for most of the Path back to the Parking Lot. Only the last bit of my Journey actually followed the Shoreline of the very full Oderteich again.

In the Summertime, that last bit is full of sun-seeking People, but right now, that really is not the Case. And so I was able to actually do some Photography right there.

The half submerged Sign.

Last Monday, I had heard of an Informational Sign being half submerged in the now expanded Teich. Back then, I was unable to see that for myself though.

That also changed today. That Sign is there, and it is completely surrounded by freezing cold Water. I was unable to actually get to it. Luckily I already know that particular Sign though.

The Way-Marker also was closer to the Teich than usually. I guess no one had anticipated Water-levels this high when those Signs were replaced after the last real Storm.

Almost back at the Dam.

Over the last few Years, the Oderteich never has been this full. One Time, it even had been fully drained in order to do some Maintenance on the Dam.

Right now, there is a lot of Water in the Reservoir though, and I absolutely love it. The beginning of this Year has been much ‘wetter’ in Terms of Rain and Snow so far. And that is really awesome.

Of Course that does not mean Climate Change is over though. A lot of Work is still ahead of us in order to make Things better. A huge Part of that is also that we need to treat Nature much more respectfully and responsible.

Of Course that also means that we can not litter. Or smoke and then discard of those Cigarette Butts without any regard for our Environment. We can only do that together.

The Dam.

The Oderteich looks really great as full as it is right now, but I am sure that its Water-level will not stay as high all Year long. This Summer is bound to be hot again.

And despite those Smokers, and an undisclosed amount of Trash I found along the Way, I had an absolute blast at the Teich today. I am really glad that I did not let a cloudy Forecast nullify my Plans yet again.

I would have definitely loved some Fog though. Fog always looks great and it also makes everything much more magical.

Bonus: A preciously balanced Tree.

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