Being busy

I really love it to Explore the Harz and do some Photography at the same Time. And right now, even the Weather plays nice, even though it is actually a little too warm to really Hike anywhere right now.

I also have a lot of other Things to do at the Moment, but that did not Stop me from visiting a Place called Wildemann yesterday, even though I did not stay that Long because of a Construction Site.

A Path near Wildemann.

I had wanted to visit that Place for a long Time, because it is supposedly really beautiful. And it actually is, if that nasty looking Construction Site would not be there.

The Harz around Wildemann is actually a little different than anywhere else. The Mountains are more Rocky, and the Valleys are much Deeper. I guess that is why they call there Place the ‘Tirol of the Harz’.

I really do love those sheer Cliff Sites. They look really awesome, especially with all those Trees around.

Some Rocks.

The Innerste, which is a River that starts just out of Clausthal at the Entensumpf, then runs through Buntenbock and the Innerstetal actually flows through Wildemann as well. In Essence, it just take a long Detour around Clausthal.

And since I had stopped just out of Wildemann when I awash leaving again because of that Construction Site, I stopped right there at the Innerste.

It was so full of Water, it was actually absolutely beautiful. I really do love rushing, and even flowing, Water, but right there at the Innerste, that feeling got just so much more intense. It was really amazing.

The Innerste.

I also did not stay there all too long though, as it was starting to get late, and I really wanted to get back Home.

There were also a handful of Things left on my to-do List, so I left and did that instead.

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